New engine for my Pilot? 440 LC Rotax By hoser.. Note most of the links here take you to my message board they will not work if your not logged in first, besure to log in first.
What do I want to do?     Do I mount the engine up high or down low? 

The engine mount   Fabricating the engine mount Early Thoughts on mounting the engine. 

New engine mount II   I need a exhaust!

New engine mount III Billy-Bob exhaust and a solution to my intake clearance problems.

Seadoo Watercraft This could be a solution to my carb clearance problems?

Test drive Time to tune this sucker

Starting to tune Time to dial things in the rotary valve is first.

440 Project pipe Ok I got a different pipe to play with 30 Aug 2004

Recoil upgrade   05 Sep 2004

Regulator for 440 Pilot

Gas tank and Radiator 05 Sep 2004

440 Air Box Mod  16 Sep 2004

Shorted Wires     10 Mar 2005

90D and FL350 Driven Clutch Tech  I used a 90D Driven On My 440  Comet 90D Driven  90D Instructions

Pilot Trans CSI 2007  This artcile shows the engine trans mount with the engine and trans removed from the frame.

440 ROTAX Engine #1 CSI      Here are some autopsy pics of my 440 Engine #1

440 ROTAX Engine #2 CSI      Here are some autopsy pics of my 440 Engine #2

Molding the internals taking shape

Inside the cylinder

440 Tweaks some engine internal mods

440 Rotax ports a 3D view  2005

Tuning 440 engine notes

Service Manual stuff 

Well I ended up with the engine I had planned on using long ago, when I had first
bought my Pilot a friend of mine had built a homebuilt and used a 81 ski-doo 9500
Blizzard engine, after riding it and feeling the pure torque it would deliver I sought
after one, I traded another snowmobile for a 79 9500 Blizzard but by then I had
installed a pipe, carb, porting rev limited etc. to my stock Pilot engine and was
having fun with my new found power, since then, the race rules did not allow you
to use a sled engine I put off my Rotax 440 project so it went under the
bench, a year or so later I sold the engine to my buddy Don, he had it under his
bench for 3-4 years then I bought it back, now its new home is finally in my Pilot 

The 440 Rotax rotary will make some serious power, I have heard any where from
85 HP to 92 HP depending on how it was setup, whit dual 38mm carbs and the twin
factory pipes its suppose to put out 92 HP, way more power than I need, IMO any
more than 70 HP is lost in wheel spin, not needed, if you cant hook it up why bother,
so when I installed in my Pilot I used a single pipe and single 38mm watercraft carb.

I enjoyed my Pilot engine and who knows maybe some day in the future it will return
back to my Pilot, I had went about as far as I could with the Pilot engine, ran the
hell out of it for 8 years, extracted about all the power one could squeeze out of
a Pilot engine, ran faster than "others" porting and "race engine" modifications,
ran right with the CR500 converted modified engines, time to move on, go back to
a stock engine that will easily run on the poorest pump gas and still out perform my
highly modified Pilot engine.