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I started my Pilot Odyssey web page in 1998 to help others, here are some ideas I have 
compiled to make life in the Pilot Odyssey world easier on Pilot Odyssey members, 
ideas that are meant to make your machine better, ideas you don't find in the 
service manuals, ideas that save US money, ideas that save you time, have an idea 
you would like to share let us know.

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Power Block clutch CSI/Repair  By hoser. 27 Aug 2008 06:26 pm

Dowel removal tips. 

Pilot Cylinder Dowel Hole Cleaning Tool By hoser..  one of them things you wont find in the service manual..

Stock Pilot Head Saver by hoser..

350 Odyssey Driven Clutch Spreader By hoser..  Belt changing made easy just like on a Pilot

Pilot crank bearing oiling enhancement mod By hoser.. Better oiling for everybody....

Pilot Counter Balancer Oil Feed Hole Enhancement By hoser.. Scoop up more of your engines life blood and direct it where needed.

Stock Pilot Clutch Puller Tool Yeah I didn't invent it but I brought you the means to make your own and save you money  and time :-)

Pilot Snowmobile Engine Mod Innovations galore look closely read carefully. I didn't invent the Pilot I made it better

Pilot Snowmobile Engine Mod Carburetor - Transmission Clearance Solution by hoser.. 

440 Air Box Mod by hoser..  I had to modify the Pilot air box again to use with my sled engine.

Pilot Air Box Mod by hoser.. Evolution to perfection over the years I have made many changes. I didn't make the Pilot air box I made it better...

Pilot Odyssey Dual Intake Air Box Mods By hoser and others... Yeah the idea has become popular!  

Pilot Odyssey Prefilter mod by hoser.. Engine saving idea that everybody likes. I didn't invent the air filter I made it better

Pilot Radiator Relocate Brackets no weld solution  Fast, Simple, another money saving idea by hoser..! I didn't invent the relocate mod I made it better..

350 Air Box Cover Think this is a Klem Research air box cover

Skid protection by hoser.. Double layer of protection right where Mikey likes it. I didn't invent the skid plate I made it better..

hoser Enhanced Hood by hoser.. Changed slightly from the norm to enhance its function. I didn't invent the Pilot hood I made it better..

Pilot Trailing Arm Mod by hoser.. Another money saving and performance enhancement. I didn't make the arms I made them better..

Foot Pegs Repair - tune up by hoser.. No need to replace...

Pilot skid plate by hoser.. Nothing real special here but maybe in the future after I tweak it a while?

Hoser Power Bloc Clutch Holding Tool's by hoser.. Must have tools for the Power Bloc Owner. I didn't invent the clutch holder I made it better..

Cheap quick and dirty Mid Skid By hoser.. by hoser.. One of my best innovations keeps 90% of the crap off the clutches (experimental).

Head Holding Tool by hoser.. Ok I invented this one..

Mirrors, flip the roll cage bars your mirrors are mounted on end for end to lower your mirrors to eye level, this does two great things, 
one your less likely to hit your head on the mirror as you enter exit the Pilot but also puts the mirrors closer to eye level so you
don't need to look UP just look left or right to see the mirror.  I didn't invent the mirrors I made them better. by hoser..

Pilot clutch side crank seal install tool by hoser.. 

Some day when I get time I will add pictures to the others here PLEASE make sure you don't skip over 
links because they don't have a picture you will be missing alot of GREAT stuff!

Oil Change Stock Pilot Shocks by hoser.. Better performance! I didn't make the shocks I made them better..

Adjustable compression ratio for the FOX air shox By hoser.. OK I invented this one,,,

NGk's new Racing Plug, buy them or make them yourself, I didn't invent the plug I made it better. by hoser..

Pilot Exhaust Leak Repair DIY leak repairs by hoser..

Home made Pilot Copper Head Gasket by hoser..

Pilot manifold modified to flow! by hoser..

Future Pilot cylinder modifications - Ideas to be implemented y hoser..

Modifying the 39mm PWK by hoser..

Reed Cage You don't need to spend a lot of money on a after market cage. By hoser.. Finished product I didn't invent the reed cage I made it better...

Reed cage mods by hoser.. I  didn't invent the reed cage I made it better...

New Power Pro's torque pipe with Super Silencer. by hoser.. No no you don't just bolt on and go!  I didn't make the pipe and silencer I made it better.

Over Six Feet Tall ? by hoser.. Some relief for us taller guys.

800 Reasons why you need to take your axles out and inspect the splines by hoser Probably the best advice I have to give.

Pilot Axle Stub Removal - CV Puller By hoser..  Innovation in progress

Pilot Stub Axle Seal By hoser..  OK I invented this one

Easy Tie Rod repair by hoser..  I didn't invent the Tie Rods I made them ALOT better.

Aftermarket Pilot Air Box Lid  - Dual Inlet  Even aftermarket parts can benefit from the hoser touch. By hoser..  I didn't make this lid I made it better..

K&N Filter Pre Cleaning - Tips to save you time and money! by hoser..

Pilot driven Clutch What is inside & Modifications?   

Spark plug modifications 8-24-02

You have to ask yourself how many of these ideas are found in the service manual?
Have some innovations you would like to share with the rest of the Pilot Odyssey world 
please let us know pilot400@mchsi.com
Note: In case your wondering the By hoser.. and comments like I didn't invent it...I made it better
came about after others on the Darkside started trying to take credit for MY WORK by giving my
advice on their site and trying to pass it off and their ideas and work, another way of saying TM.

Other comments that may raise a eyebrow are a reaction to the Darkside rumors that my site is 
just info found in the service manual this is simply not true my website was founded on info that is 
NOT found in the service manual.

Other witty comments on my site are just a metaphoric poke in the eye of the Darkside
(a inside joke) , I frequently receive emails from users confirming this policy is working 
because the Darkside is still crying :-) Think think the comments are arrogance think again
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